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Why is SEO crucial to grow my practice?

Why is SEO crucial to grow my practice?

SEO or search engine optimization, is crucial in order for your practice and services to be found on the internet. The better your website is optimized, the higher you will rank amongst competitors in search engine results.

Various tactics are used to ensure your website is properly and frequently viewed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  1. Use Keywords to Target Potential Patience

    Setting up the proper keywords in your metadata (which is how search engines browse your website), is essential in landing near the top of search results.

  2. The Importance of Landing Pages

    Landing pages are perfect for when you want to advertise a specific product or service. Each page should have helpful content that relate to your keywords (like “free teeth cleaning”). Three-to-four word phrases perform better because there is less competition than general keywords.

  3. Feed Your Social Media Channels Regularly

    Search engines like Google, continually update their algorithms to ensure the relativity of search engine results. Customer engagement is becoming an increasingly intrinsic cog in establishing a strong digital footprint. Because video content is harder to produce than images and articles, YouTube is a great place to gain higher rankings and a less competitive space to compete in. Helpful how-to videos should be a part of your practices’ marketing strategy.

    Examples include:

    1. (Dentist) Helpful ideas to encourage your child to brush his/her teeth
    2. (Veterinarian) How to properly clip your dogs nails
    3. (Veterinarian) How to properly remove ticks

Become Familiar with Google’s Keyword Planner.  Google’s free keyword planning tool can help you understand how people will search for the products or services you are wanting to promote. For example, “animal vaccinations” will return thousands of results. Try to be more specific in your targeting with phrases like, “vaccinations for labradors”. Specific keywords are cheaper to bid for and easier to achieve higher rankings in search results.

SEO is crucial and time consuming. If you would like help on getting started, contact us today for a free SEO assessment.